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Update grub not updating menu lst

After the conversion, the helper VM retains the statically configured IP because it is still running.

Thus any subsequent Linux P2V jobs cannot use the same static IP until this helper VM is powered off, or at least has its network interface disabled.

Top of Page You can download, install, and run VMware v Center Converter Standalone in English only.

Users with limited rights cannot install Converter Standalone on Windows.

The typical distro has more components than a car engine, yet is open for, and even encourages, user fiddling, which leads the curious user to indulge in some provocative maintenance.

To make it worse, a computer is often built from bits made by different manufacturers - motherboard from one, graphics card from another, soundcard from elsewhere - and an operating system that many hardware manufacturers pay no more than lip service to, if that.

Top of Page This product participates in VMware’s Customer Experience Improvement Program (“CEIP”).

Details regarding the data collected through CEIP and the purposes for which it is used by VMware are set forth at the Trust & Assurance Center at

Top of Page Converter Standalone 6.2 supports the following guest operating systems: CAUTION: During cloning of powered on Linux machines, Converter Standalone 6.2 preserves the following source file systems on the destination: ext2, ext3, ext4, reiserfs, vfat, and xfs.

All your data is still there - you just need to reload the bootloader configuration into the disk's master boot record (MBR).

You'll need to boot from a Live CD to do this, this, then open a terminal and run This assumes you have everything installed on the first (or only) hard drive.

All other source file systems are converted into ext3 or ext4 file systems on the destination virtual machine.

For more information about the operating systems supported by Converter Standalone and other system requirements, see the .

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In addition Converter Standalone 6.2 supports as sources physical machine running an operating system noted in Supported Guest Operating Systems.

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