Steven universe episode 56 online dating

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Steven universe episode 56 online dating

It has been nominated for three Emmy Awards and five Annie Awards, and was renewed for a fourth and fifth season in March 2016. The Gems are ageless alien warriors who project female humanoid forms from magical gemstones at the core of their being.

The Crystal Gems comprise Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven—a young, half-human, half-Gem boy who inherited his gemstone from his mother, the former Crystal Gem leader Rose Quartz.

Sugar based the lead character on her younger brother Steven, who is an artist on the show.

She developed the series while she was a writer and storyboard artist on Adventure Time, which she left when Cartoon Network commissioned her series for full production.

Cartoon Network also provided Sugar with a list of suggested writers; when she saw Ben Levin and Matt Burnett (former writers for Level Up) on the list she immediately asked them to join her team because she was familiar with their work.

During the art presentation, Jones-Quartey, Guy, Hynes and Steven Sugar created artwork that differed from their previous work.

Her brother had no problem with it and trusted Sugar to use his name wisely.During the third season, Lapis Lazuli, an errant Homeworld Gem, decides to live on Earth with Peridot; Jasper is defeated and imprisoned, and Steven learns that his mother shattered Gem society matriarch Pink Diamond.In the fourth season, as Steven wrestles with his conflicting feelings about his mother's actions, Homeworld's remaining leaders return their full attention to Earth.The Gems are cut off from their home world, and Steven learns that many of the monsters and artifacts they encounter are Gems who were corrupted by a Gem weapon of mass destruction and can no longer maintain rational, humanoid form.By the end of the first season, Steven learns that the Homeworld Gems intended to sterilize the Earth to incubate new Gems millennia ago, but Rose Quartz led the other Crystal Gems in a violent and apparently successful rebellion against the genocidal plan.

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While developing her show, Sugar continued working on Adventure Time.