Sexual encounter while camping

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As part of the plea deal, both women were sentenced to three years of formal probation, as well as three months in jail for Lippert and 180 days in jail for Ghirelli.However, the women will avoid serving the jail time as long as Lippert completes 15 days of work with Caltrans and Ghirelli spends 180 days in a lock-down rehabilitation facility, according to the DA’s statement.

Among their allegations concerning the abuse: Alton's attorney, Marcy Mc Mann, of Morristown, said she and her client had no comment.Leonard Levine, who represented Lippert, said his client was “embarrassed and ashamed” of what he described as an “incredibly poor lapse in judgment.” He added that Lippert had not actually had sex with the underage boy, but had aided and abetted the unlawful sexual encounter.“The sole responsibility lies with the teachers,” said Levine, who felt the terms of the plea bargains are fair. Authorities alleged that the two teachers provided the teens with alcohol and cocaine, with Ghirelli also accused of engaging in oral sex with a 17-year-old boy."It's not like anybody ever walked in on the middle of this going on, but it was pretty close to being out in the open," said the counselor."It was occurring in so many different places with so many different kids, and it's not like people weren't talking about it." He recalled that at camp, the people teasing "Teddy's little boys" were the other adult counselors.

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