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"And you get to be my first blow-jay of the day..a treat! I hadn't heard anything about the BJ Booth since the mid-90's, I think. I was robbed of the best BJ of my life 'cause of that jaunt to Orlando! "Yeah, after each girl is finished swallowing her load of cum and the blowjob is completed, the judges tally up all the score-cards and announce the winner of the contest over the PA. He noticed a pretty silver necklace and pendant sparkling in the sunlight above Kristi's firm, mouth-watering teen-girl tits. "Please secure your vehicle and join me in my cruiser, won't you? It sounds like you're sucking giving a blowjob right now when you should be getting ready?! She had a cover girl's lips and mouth, set below very attractive, interested eyes.

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" Bannister would pay 500 dollars to get his dick sucked by this pretty little blonde, no problem, he thought. One of the prettiest girls he had seen in recent memory. What a good suggestion it was, blowing me in return for a warning." "I'm gonna suck your dick dry, but then I gotta go..enjoy this ball-draining blowjob! When we first got married, she used to suck cock like a blowjob-happy party-slut; she'd blow me and swallow in elevators and bathrooms, lots of fun places; and she was always volunteering to suck my cock...that's important. After a party warmed up and things were getting lively she and Kristi would often just go into the living room or common-area and just suck cock for 2 hours or more, blowing anyone who wanted a good dick-sucking, chatting with the boys and other party-goers as they contentedly blew all the meat there was to blow.

" Kristi whisked off her skimpy tank-top and plopped both arms, one on either side, on Officer Bannister's thighs. Kristi wiggled her adorable butt playfully way up in the air. " She unsnapped his belt skillfully, the practiced result of giving blowjobs to dozens and dozens of different men. On the way home from dinner with friends I'd almost always get a good bee-jay, but recently..dick's not getting sucked with the regularity a hard-working lawman like me deserves and expects. Jordan wasn't the most punctual of girls, Kristi knew. " Jordan answered after 3 rings, sounding out of breath. They'd be on their knees for 7 or 8 blowjobs in a row, slobbering on ball-sacks and swallowing cum, stuffing their faces with 3 or 4 cocks at-a-time.

I was swallowing his cum about 3 minutes after I popped his dick in my mouth, and lemme tell you, I sucked it goooood. I also sucked three of the judges' cocks afterwards, for the grand-prize ceremony.

He untucked his shirt and set his state large state policeman's hat on the floor. " Kristi heard what sounded like sucking noises in the background, over the phone. She regularly sucked 3 to 4 different dicks a week, sometimes up to 6 or 7, blowing boys that worked in gas stations, clothing stores, or doormen at dance clubs..about anyone with a nice, hard cock for her sultry mouth. She regularly returned to the topic of blowjobs in conversation several times a day and was always watching videos of big dicks being sucked online.

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