Online dating rejections

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Online dating rejections

"American Jews See Population, Birthrate Drop," screamed a recent headline in the Los Angeles Times."Low Fertility Key to 2000 Census," proclaimed a front-page story in the country's largest-circulation Jewish newspaper.By the year 2006, according to a policy institute in Israel, the American Jewish community, hitherto the world's largest, will for the first time fall behind the Jewish community of Israel in size. Last spring saw a series of private meetings, including one called by the president of the state of Israel, to discuss the demographic situation and what to do about it.Thus far, the result has been much hand-wringing and little action.Not long ago, a Manhattan rabbi stunned his congregants by informing them that the future of the Jewish people would be secured not through trips to Israel, not through the battle against anti-Semitism, and not through the continued upward mobility of Jews, but in the bedroom.What shocked his sophisticated Upper East Side audience had nothing to do with his allusion to sex; these days, it is perfectly acceptable to speak in public about intimate behavior.

Damagingly, the survey stretched out over a two-year period, some data were lost, and some respondents were never asked the full battery of questions.Even before this, however, demographers had come to an impasse over whom to count as part of the Jewish population ― a question necessitated by the increasingly porous nature of American society and the country's generally high rates of intermarriage.For example, should an individual raised as a Christian or as an adherent of an Eastern religion be considered a Jew if he or she had one Jewish parent?S.; in contemporary Europe and Japan, it has reached proportions that threaten catastrophe.Still, Jewish women in the United States are significantly less fertile than their white, Gentile counterparts.

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Second, even by the most cautious figures, at least half of all marriages involving a Jew are to non-Jews. Among Americans of all kinds, moreover, Jews have the fewest number of siblings, the smallest household size, and the second lowest number of children under eighteen at home.