Jokes on dating

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Jokes on dating

Maybe it’s because I never got to celebrate Christmas. For Hanukkah, we would get socks as a reminder that we were persecuted. Her jabs at him are smartly layered in a deeper argument over why Joel left. Adam & Eve time (ep 2) Like, it’s Adam and Eve time, and I marry Adam’s son, Cain. There was a thing in Life magazine, there was a picture of this cat. A shorter joke, but I genuinely laughed out loud at the last line. We get a nice little place, we’re very happy, and then one day Cain leaves me for, I don’t know, his brother Abel, because there’s only four fucking people on the planet at this point! See, he’s up in the mountains, a rope around him, in this ad for Camel cigarette. I’m starting the rumor that they’re dating here and now. Confused-as-always Joel can’t keep up and wonders if he’s related to them (are they the Florida cousins? The dancing, then panning to Joel and Midge, is one of the stronger visual bits of the entire season; coupled with an immediately recognizable setting (a The delivery of the wonderful (marvelous, even) Kevin Pollak makes this potentially offensive joke work. The jokes are raunchy, the Jewishness shines through, and she adeptly uses her personal life on stage.Joel has just brought Penny (his mistress secretary turned girlfriend) to meet his parents; when Penny gets up to use the restroom, Moishe turns to Joel and says, “No.” The simple “no” wraps up his disapproval and disappointment nicely. While we know she didn’t intend to do any of this — these jokes are brutally honest, and come from a place of grief and pain over Joel leaving — her comic chops are clear.Moishe complains about break fast being cancelled, and then goes into a wonderful bit about Yom Kippur in the eyes of gentiles. ” Moishe’s layering of Jewish references with parental indignation is a comic success. Lenny Bruce’s Let Me Explain Jewish and Goyish (ep 3) : Let me explain it to you. His delivery — like the earlier “shiksas are practice” line — is everything. And she finds her groove: The audience laughs uproariously at the line “because there’s only four fucking people on the planet at this point! 13 Jews out of Germany (ep 2) : He brought them here and stuck them in his factory! He rants and it culminates in the line — where he’s projecting what those 13 Jews are thinking — “I should’ve taken my chances back in Germany! ” The joke works because of course Midge has a deep knowledge of the Bible (Jewish Bible, duh) and toes the line in joking that Cain left her for Abel. ” Midge and Rose are immediately outraged, but the darkness of the humor (and the repetition of the phrase “13 Jews out of Germany” throughout the season) makes the Holocaust-based humor shockingly funny (Larry David, you can learn something). Explain Yom Kippur to a Gentile (ep 2) In this exchange, Joel visits his father Moishe’s garment factory to deliver the news that he and Midge split up.

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Later in the episode, Noah tells Midge about Astrid’s conversion: “Goy to Jew in three weeks or less. You didn’t go somewhere exotic or different, you went across the fucking street […] Tell Ethan I’ll pick him up tomorrow. This exchange (excerpted) occurs when Midge goes to drop Ethan (her son) off at Joel’s new apartment, and finds out he’s staying with his secretary/mistress/girlfriend.

Classes, rituals, and weird baths in basements, and, oh, my God, so much challah…” Astrid, while maybe not a realistic portrayal of a Jewish convert, strangely provides comic relief at her attempts to fit into the world of the Upper West Side Jews. For Hanukkah we would get socks (ep 6) : Me, personally, I was never great at gift-giving. For Christmas, a gentile would get a bike as a reminder that their parents love them. After delivering an Emmy-worthy speech, she storms out, turns around to look at Joel one last time, and says: “Don’t baptize him while I’m gone.” The joke is so successful in part because of the incisive way in which Midge cuts him down (pot roast and Santa Claus).

Side note, because I just need to get this in print: I am 90 percent sure I saw Brosnahan and Zegen eating dinner in the Village at Grey Dog Café on Wednesday night, November 29, around 6 p.m. Now I will be alone and crazy, the famous mad divorcée of the upper West Side… If you haven’t seen the show, go watch the first episode.

If anyone can confirm this (Zegen and I made eye contact), please let me know. What is great about these 10 jokes — and The last episode flashes back to Joel and Midge’s wedding and focuses in on the dancers that Midge hired. This set occurs at the very end when Midge — drunk from kosher wine (obvs) — stumbles into the Gaslight Café at the end of episode one.

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