Erotc fre cyber sex chat

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Erotc fre cyber sex chat

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At times, the virtual boyfriend's statements suggest an awareness of being a robot.

In one user-posted conversation, the virtual boyfriend states, "Besides the fact that I have no arms, legs, or torso, I'm very comfortable with my body." While very few people familiar with chat bots would think (based on a lengthy chat) that the Boyfriend Maker virtual boyfriend is human, this chat bot's quirky, awkward or unexpected responses may be part of its appeal.

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Although the virtual boyfriend is ostensibly a heterosexual male, targeted at a female heterosexual audience, the Boyfriend Maker game "has allowed an audience of players to experiment with different sexualities." The virtual boyfriend's conversations sometimes suggest an openness to bisexual experimentation.

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For example, when asked directly, "Are you homosexual," the virtual boyfriend may respond, "If the mood strikes." The virtual boyfriend's gender identity is also fluid, although it is not clear whether this is by design or lack of specificity in design.