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Dating royal dux marks

The Saxons (combined eastern Germanic tribes) remained largely independent in north and east Germany from where they together with the Scandinavian Jutes and Angles also moved into Roman Britain and where they became the rulers after the collapse of the Empire.The Frisii also joined in but they stayed largely in their home land, the coastal regions in the north of the Low Country.This was also the case in later migrations and invasions.Within the tribal societies there was a very strong sense of local power and the various migrating tribes and sub tribes immediately established their tribal authority in the areas they concurred.This also brought tribes from further away in closer contact with each other.They started to form confederations whereby they both fought each other and together they fought the Romans.

Nevertheless, because of its strong military power, there was – for several hundred years – no further mass migration into the Roman Empire.

In order to manage the continuous pressure of these people on their boarders, the Romans allowed some of them to settle in foederati within the Empire.

Bound by treaties they had to provide military services to the Empire.

In the 3rd and 4th century there is further pressure from these Germanic tribes to enter Roman territory.

The Third Century Crisis provided increased opportunities to explore the weakness in the Roman border regions.

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At the time the Romans arrived the Germanic tribes of the Cimbri and the Teutones had reached southern France and during their annual raiding campaigns even ventured into Italy and Spain.